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Lessons Learned Management and Leadership for a Technical World by George C. Moon


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Stories of George Moon's extensive experience in leading technology teams are presented.  The stories are written to encourage the reader to think of related experiences and draw out their own set of lessons.  The stories cover periods of chaotic economic fluctuations which challange individuals and corporations alike.  You will read that difficult times help define managers and leaders more clearly than other times in their careers.


"A must read for technical managers!" Will Wilbrink, Principal Architect, Pitney Bowes Business Insight


"The book's lessons are relevant, accesible and thought-provoking.  The organizational format works well to enable readers to see both the trees (the particulars of specific challenges at different career stages) and the forest general principles that are widely applicable)." Dr. David Leyton-Brown, Professor of Political Science and Master of Calumet College, York Uniersity, Toronto


...This is not a book on development techniques or processes.  It is more like sitting down with George over a pint, listening to fables and the morals each story conveys.  I read the book in two days and had trouble putting it down. Rich Helms, President/Enabl-u Canada Inc.


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