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Company Profile

George C. Moon, M. Sc., P. Eng.

moonheadGeorge Moon has over thirty years of experience in the fields of technical management and leadership in various executive positions as well as building complex software systems. Mr. Moon has published a book entitled “Lessons Learned: Management and Leadership for a Technical World” where he shares stories from his experiences. These stories include ones from when he founded his own company, ran several global development teams and his years as CTO of a multi-national software company that grew from $45 million to $170 million U.S.

Mr. Moon has had a successful career in key positions at Wild Leitz, a Swiss based multi-billion dollar high tech company, where he led a large international team to build the ground breaking GIS SYSTEM 9, Prime Computer, Unisys and MapInfo Corporation. He built and successfully sold his start-up company as well as founding a company providing leadership training and helping grow businesses.

Mr. Moon has received various honours.  He is the recipient of a 2008 invention of the year from Pitney Bowes, received special recognition for his research in multi-dimensional data types and spatial functions to extend a relational database management system that led to the first commercial deployment of variable length data types, holds multiple patents in the location mobile space and is a Fellow of Calumet College.


George is actively involved in helping other companies become successful.  He also is a partner in new ventures focusing on the geology industry.  One company is Geografx and Moonlite Enterprises (GaMe) which provides GIS services and business building.  The other company is Web Mappable ( which brings innovative web mapping to the enterprise.